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Etre dix-huitiémiste II

Témoignages recueillis par Carol Blum

ISBN 978-2-84559-048-9, 2007, 240 x 165 mm, 128 pages, illustrations, broché, prix €20

Publications du Centre international d'étude du XVIIIe siècle 20

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The present volume, Être dix-huitiémiste II, inspired by Serguei Karp's collection of pieces by distinguished specialists, brings together a number of new reflections on what the Enlightenment and its corollary movements have meant to those of us who have delved into its history, literature, arts and culture. The articles in this collection continue the conversation in perhaps somewhat different ways, offering personal reflection and anecdotal material along with description of scholarly pursuits.

The intense political struggles underlying much of the philosophes' literary endeavours, the sort of Internationale uniting thinkers across national borders, the patterns of social bonding necessitated by the struggles against repression, – all these factors imbue the eighteenth century with a special cohesiveness less conspicuous in other eras. Not unlike the figures we study, we «eighteenth-century people» like to get together around our shared fascination with the period, a tendency less marked among scholars of other eras, whose affinities appear to sort themselves out along other lines.

Some of the accounts in this volume describe a purely intellectual trajectory, while others weave scholarly endeavours together with autobiographical circumstances, allowing us the pleasure of learning something of the voyages embarked upon by our fellow dix-huitiémistes.

For my own part, thinking about my colleagues' reflections on their scholarship, teaching and personal journeys of discovery, I was again reminded of what a privilege we have shared in spending our lives reading, teaching and writing about the Age of Enlightenment.

Carol Blum, George Mason University

Table des matières

    Raymond Trousson, Les chemins du XVIIIe siècle

    English Showalter, Being a dix-huitiémiste

    Jacqueline Hecht-Rousseau, Du XVIIe au XVIIIe siècle... un passage obligé?

    Gita May, Autobiographical sketch

    Nina Rattner Gelbart, Becoming a dix-huitiemiste

    John C. O'Neal, The eighteenth century: an entire other world

    Madeleine Pinault Sørensen, Entre dessin, littérature et sciences

    Kathleen Hardesty Doig, Quelques repères

    Yves Citton, From raison to réson: three fringe voices of the Enlightenment (Spinoza, Deschamps, Tarde)

    Madelyn Gutwirth, Why I am dix-huitiémiste

    Guy Spielmann, Interrogations d'un dix-huitiémiste interlope

    Philip Stewart, Être dix-huitiémiste

    Clorinda Donato, «Etre dix-huitiémiste, être encyclopédiste»

    Jeffrey Ravel, From orthodoxy to reform

    Julia V. Douthwaite, The dix-huitiémiste as detective


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